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Pug Puppy

19 cm (7.5 inches)

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ZionCosmo This innocent little pug puppy oozes personality. She has the sweetest expression and begs to be picked up. Even though this puppy was made of 100 % pure wool felt, this is not a needle-felted puppy, which means she has a really nice weight and he is full jointed. The process of making these puppies is very labour intensive and involves many layers of felt. Pumpkin has a delightfully wrinkled face, a little tail and has very detailed paws with needle felted paw pads, all individually crafted. Her eyes have lovely sleepy eyelids, eye whites and leather eye rims underneath to give her her unique expression. She also has a leather under lip and nicely formed cheeks

Pumpkins wears a handmade pure cotton dress.

This amazing puppy will add a smile to your life

 Euro 715 ex Euro 18 shipping (flat rate)


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Fabrics 100 % pure woolfelt
Stuffing fiberfill and glass beads (nice and heavy)
Joints 5 (fully jointed)


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