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26 cm tall (10.2 inches)

Euro 415 ex Euro 18 shipping


This bear just makes my heart sing. He is the result of a freehand sketch and even though this is not how I usually work (I usually measure and fit everything), I decided to go right ahead and make him. I just could not wait to get him finished as I have long wanted to make a bear like this.This teddy clown was made of one of a kind Steiff Schulte alpaca in a soft caramel shade. I embroidered his nose in two shades (black and pale blue) and gave him eyebrows. I also made him a collar from high quality quilt fabric which I also used to make his hat. This bear is so perfect to hold in your hands, has such a great weight to him as well and even I had trouble putting him down. He just makes me smile whenever I look at him

Merlin is available for adoption now

Euro 415 ex Euro 18 shipping





Fabrics Steiff Schulte Alpaca and Wool Felt
Stuffing Fibrefill and Glass Beads
Joints 5 joints