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25 cm (9.8 inches)

SALE: Euro 225 ex Euro 15 shipping (fixed rate)




Lacie is cuteness personified. A small bear with an inquisitive expression. He was made of a lovely one of a kind Schulte mohair that I sourced from Germany. It has wonderful texture and combines well with the other unique mohair I used for his muzzle. His paws have great depth and detail and his meticulously crafted face has a life like appearance.

I chose a fine perle cotton to match his colours and added a super high quality satin ribbon and his name in beads around his neck.

Lacie is a one of a kind bear

Props like the chair are not included in the sale

SALE: EURO 225 ex Euro 15 shipping (fixed rate)




Fabrics mohair, wool felt, miniature bear velvet
Stuffing fiberfill, glass beads
Joints 5 (fully jointed)
Accessories Satin Ruff and Name in Beads