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33,5 cm tall (13.2 inches) (excluding ears)

Euro 540 ex Euro 18 shipping




I am really excited about Cadbury. This bunny has an entirely new design and is my largest bunny so far. I really love how the longer legs curve around his body and the way his face turned out so soulful. I hand-tufted all the white hairs around his eyes to give him this expression, made him a cotton quilt fabric bow in a country style and added a bell on a cord around his neck. This bunny is very heavy due to his stuffing with glass beads and fibrefill. I made him of one-of-a-kind mohair with a synthetic inset muzzle to give him a full and fluffy moustache. His tail is also made of cream fluffy synthetic fabric. 

This bunny is a one of a kind

He is available for adoption 

Euro 540 ex Euro 18 shipping




Fabrics One of a kind Schulte mohair and synthetic plush (muzzle and tail)
Stuffing Fiberfill and glass beads
Joints 5 joints


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