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32 cm tall excluding ears, 38 cm tall including ears

Euro 510 ex Euro 15 shipping


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This delightful bunny is Bitzy. I have long wanted to try a new type of bunny and I really love how this one turned out. Bitty was made of luxurious synthetic fabric made by the world renowned factory Steiff-Schulte. This fabric has always been available in a very long pile, but it was now produced one time only as a shorter pile, which I love. The colours go from brown to greyish to beige/blond. I used a cream colour of the same fabric for his snout, fluffy tail and the sides of his body.
This bunny is nice and heavy, he can stand unaided, as usual and has wired arms which make him very easy to pose

He has the sweetest facial expression, the kind that kind of dictates itself. When I see a face like this happening, I try not to force myself on it and just let it become what it is meant to be. This is why he has a different face from my usual bunnies.



Fabrics Steiff Schulte Synthetic Fabric, Pure Woolfelt
Stuffing Fiberfill, glass beads and rubber pellets
Joints 5 (fully jointed) and wired arms