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Bai Bai

41 cm (16.1 inches)

Euro 650 ex Euro 15 shipping fixed rate


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Bai BaiBai Bai

This panda cub is there to put a smile on your face. The luscious alpaca makes him feel soft and cuddly and his 8 joints enable him to take the most endearing postures.

This panda is one of the largest I have done this far and one of the most detailed as well. His paws have incredible lifelike details and his nose was made to look more realistic whilst still retaining the cute cub like appearance. He has tiny bits of eye white showing which makes him especially endearing. This panda cub is a joy to hold due to his considerable weight. 

He comes with a swing tag and a leather sewn in tag

One of a Kind

Euro 650 ex Euro 15 shipping fixed rate


Fabrics Schulte Alpaca, Felt, Wool
Stuffing Fiberfill, Glass Beads
Joints 8 (including double neck joint and ankle joints)