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My name is Ellen Borggreve and I am an award winning soft sculpture artist and photographer. I was born and raised in a small village in Gelderland, The Netherlands. A day-dreamer and perfectionist throughout, my life has always been about being the very best I could possibly be. This was the case at school, university, but holds even more true for my life as an artist and photographer.

My career as a soft sculpture artist started quite accidentally as these things happen. In 1997 my life was completely turned around after I found a magazine about artist bears in a bookstore. Ever since that time I have been trying to become better and better at this craft. Always learning new techniques and honing my craft means I make creations that are very detailed, with a lot of thought about the construction as well as wonderfully expressive.

Many hours and techniques go into my creations as I am very passionate about true craftsmanship and superb quality.

Besides being an artist I am also a photographer specialising in fairytale forest pictures. Just like my soft sculpture creations, these photographs are unique and of high quality. You can find my photography website here: www.ellenborggreve.com